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Could there be Carbon Monoxide in your home?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, odorless and colorless gas. It is produced during the incomplete burning of fossil fuels, which can occur in common appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, generators, fireplaces, cars and lawn mowers.

Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning, the symptoms to watch for are:

• Headache
• Fatigue
• Shortness of breath
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Confusion
• Loss of coordination or consciousness

Carbon monoxide poisoning causes more than 20,000 trips to the emergency room and more than 400 deaths each year. If you or a family member begins showing any signs of these symptoms, seek immediate medical help!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends having your heating system, water heater, generators and any other gas, oil or coal burning appliances serviced by a qualified professional every year.

Nebrasky is here to ensure all your home appliances are safe and working properly. Call 1-800-989-0299 to schedule an appointment to have your home tested for carbon monoxide by our staff of trusted professionals, who put your family’s needs first, every time.