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Why Does My Shower Keep Clogging?

Clogged shower drains are both a burden to homeowners and, unfortunately, one of the most common plumbing problems. The good news is that the expense and inconvenience of clogged shower drains can be avoided with proper drain maintenance. One of the most effective ways to prevent clogged shower drains is to keep them clean and … Continue reading


Some common plumbing issues within your home might seem like a simple fix, and most homeowners are accustomed to handling occasional DIY repairs. Therefore, it can be tough to decide whether to give your plumber a call or to attempt to fix the problem on your own. By attempting to tackle a plumbing problem yourself, … Continue reading


A recent news article described an unfortunate incident that occurred at the grand opening celebration of a newly remodeled Colorado library: the library was forced to close two hours earlier than originally planned due to a messy plumbing backup. The culprit of the blockage remains a mystery, however it was mentioned that “a couple gloves … Continue reading

Rising Temperatures Could Lead to Rising Utility Bills

With temperatures rising this week in the Hudson Valley, it’s beginning to feel like summer! Memorial Day weekend is upon us, marking the unofficial start of the season. This time of year, backyards are put to good use as people throughout the region enjoy outdoor fun, barbeques and gatherings. It is important to consider that … Continue reading

Household Plumbing Tips

It’s no secret that the plumbing system is one of the most important parts of your home—in one day how many people in your home take a shower, go to the bathroom, do the dishes, laundry or wash their hands? That’s a lot of use! Check out the list below to help your home plumbing … Continue reading

Did You Know?

If you haven’t already heard, this year marks Nebrasky’s 25th anniversary. From our humble beginnings in 1988 with Paul Nebrasky as the owner and sole technician, we have grown to become a staff of more than 30 serving residential and business customers throughout the Hudson Valley, including the counties of Orange, Rockland, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam, … Continue reading

29th Orange County Home Show

Come see us at the 29th Orange County Home Show. Ask us how you can get free tickets to the show (value $6.00 per person). Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling installs and services heating, cooling, water conditioning, plumbing systems as well as Whole House Generators. We also perform NYSERDA Home Energy Assessments. Find out how … Continue reading

An Unlikely Culprit May Be Clogging Your Drains this Halloween

Nebrasky unveils relationship between pumpkins and drainage problems: If you’re experiencing unusual plumbing problems this fall, rest assured that your pipes are not, in fact, haunted by evil spirits. It is, however, more likely that you took the pulp from your vampire-carved pumpkin and put it down the garbage disposal. Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling … Continue reading