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Are your allergies acting up? Your A/C Unit might be to blame!

The Hudson Valley is well known for it’s high pollen count. Seasonal allergies can cause a variety of bothersome symptoms that are most severe during the spring and summer months. Are your allergies getting out of hand? Your air conditioning unit could be trapping allergens in your home. Maintaining your A/C unit regularly can help … Continue reading

Check Your Air Conditioning Before the Summer Heat Hits

Temperatures are warming up, and soon, you’ll probably be looking to turn on your air conditioning for relief. However, since it’s likely been a little while since you’ve last used your air conditioning, you may want to test it out first to make sure everything is working properly. You don’t want to be stuck without … Continue reading

Nebrasky PlumbingHeatingTV Debuts with Series of “How To” videos

Is your water pressure low? Dealing with a leaky sink? Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has launched an original YouTube channel with a series of “How To” videos aimed at solving common consumer problems that pertain to plumbing, heating and cooling. The channel features six videos: No Heat in Your Home? Here’s What to Do … Continue reading