A Home Energy Assessment Can Save You Energy and Money!

At Nebrasky, we consistently have customers report that they are paying too much on their utility bills. We are committed to finding solutions to help you reduce your energy costs and can help lower your electric and fuel bills up to 40%.

The best way to make your home as energy efficient as possible is to schedule a home energy assessment. Assessments include a detailed, customized report based on a thorough examination of your home, a visual assessment by a trained and certified auditor, and an analysis of your energy bills. The reports will pinpoint the problem areas in your home that are causing the most energy waste and specific recommendations will be presented so the situation can be remedied.

The best part is this assessment can be FREE or nearly free! The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program offers free or reduced-cost comprehensive home energy assessments, or energy audits, to income-eligible home owners. If you live in Orange County and your income is equal to or less than $174,400, the entire assessment is free of charge. If your income is higher, you may still qualify for a reduced rate.

Call Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today for your free or low cost energy assessment! There is always room for improvement!