A Late Night Surprise – by Paul Nebrasky

I was sound asleep in bed, when my wife shook me awake to complain about rustling noises in our attic. As I idly made my way out of the warm comfort of our bed, our daughter came bursting in the room. “There is something in my wall, Dad! Help!” she said, spewing the words out as quickly as she could. The three of us rushed down the hallway and into her room, not knowing what to expect.

After some more rustling and movement from behind the wall, a little critter came running out from beneath our baseboard heating system. Terrified, my wife and daughter leaped onto the bed, screaming loudly enough to wake up my son and daughter.

After our 2 a.m. impromptu family meeting, I spent the next two hours mouse hunting. At 4 a.m. I finally caught the little master of chaos. Unable to go right back to sleep, it did not take me long to realize that if a mouse can sneak into my house, then cold air is also creeping in.

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