Are You Prepared for the Next Winter Storm?

This winter season in upstate New York has been especially harsh, already bringing multiple snow storms and below zero temperatures. Extreme weather conditions, primarily storms, are the number one cause for power outages. Accumulating ice and snow commonly disable power lines, resulting in outages. Power outages in the winter can be especially dangerous and/or cause damage to your home.

Many home heating systems do not work when there is no electric to power them. If your heat is off for an extended period of time, you will not only be uncomfortable, but you also can develop other conditions, such as hypothermia or frostbite. If there is no heat in your home, your pipes could burst – costing thousands of dollars in damage. A generator will ensure your heating system remains on, and that your family and your pipes stay warm.

Furthermore, loss of lights and communication can be a hazardous inconvenience during a storm. In slippery and icy winter conditions, lights can be the difference between safely maneuvering and a dangerous fall. In the event that someone does get hurt, you will need to contact an emergency service. A generator can guarantee well-lit pathways along with a charged cell phone.

Nebrasky realizes just how important you and your family are, so we will provide you with the most reliable tools. Our Honeywell automatic standby generators are just one more way we offer assurance and peace of mind. Investing in a Honeywell home backup generator will help guard against the dangers of winter to keep you, your family and your assets secure.