Are your allergies acting up? Your A/C Unit might be to blame!

The Hudson Valley is well known for it’s high pollen count. Seasonal allergies can cause a variety of bothersome symptoms that are most severe during the spring and summer months. Are your allergies getting out of hand? Your air conditioning unit could be trapping allergens in your home.

Maintaining your A/C unit regularly can help reduce allergy irritation and improve overall air quality. Dangerous bacteria, viruses and other diseases can contaminate the unit and circulate throughout your home, creating a health risk for your family. It is important to clean the air filters to eliminate this risk and also improve the unit’s efficiency up to 15%, saving you peace of mind and money off your energy bill.

At Nebrasky we care about the safety of your home, and provide services to tune-up, clean and repair your air conditioning unit. Our certified and professional staff offers exceptional expertise whether you are looking for a simple repair, or full premier installation. Call us today at 1-800-989-0299 to schedule an appointment, and check out the video below to learn more from Paul Nebrasky himself!