The weather has begun to cool down and people across the Hudson Valley are gradually spending more time indoors. Fall brings with it not only crisp weather, but also an increase in seasonal allergens. For those of us that are sensitive to these allergens, bad indoor air quality can make for an uncomfortable experience. Maintaining your heating unit regularly can help reduce allergy irritation and improve overall air quality.

Allergens like dust and dander can lie in air ducts. The air filter acts as the first line of defense against these impurities. As heating systems are relied on for comfort during the cooler months ahead, a quality air filter will block harmful particles from circulating in your home and creating a health risk for you and your family. Swapping these filters regularly (the U.S. Department of Energy suggests changing furnace filters once a month or as needed) will increase your unit’s efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

Believe it or not, a home can produce a great quantity of seasonal dust and debris. Duct cleaning will remove any of these contaminants that have accumulated in your home’s heating system, eliminating the need for your system to filter through the debris. As a result, you can rest assured knowing you will breathe a little easier.

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