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DIY gone wrong? Nebrasky is here to help!

Plumbing problems can get out of hand very quickly. Sometimes what appears to be a simple repair can actually be a complicated project better handled by a professional. So before you break out the fix-it pants and wrenches, consider these common plumbing DIY mistakes.

Forgetting to turn off the main water line
An important first step that can be easy to forget, but if you do can create a messy situation that can be difficult to control!

Not using proper equipment or materials
There are many helpful tutorials you can find online and on our website at However, it is important to have all the correct tools and fitting materials needed to complete the project.

Common tools you may need to do simple projects such as installing faucets or sinks include:

• Locking pliers
• Hand auger
• Needle-nose pliers
• Plumbers or “teflon” tape
• Plumbers putty
• Basin wrench
• Caulk and caulk gun

Attempting to perform un-permitted work
Many home plumbing installations are held to a specific code. If you renovate without proper knowledge, you could face trouble down the line when updating your insurance or selling your home. Dangerous mistakes could further damage the infrastructure of your home, and can create even more costly repairs.

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