It’s hard to believe that it is already mid-August! Parents are getting their children ready for back to school, with some preparing to leave home for the first time. Now is the perfect time to prepare your HVAC system for the fall. Our end of summer maintenance checklist will keep your home in top shape!

End of Summer HVAC Checklist

• Be sure to check your thermostat settings to prepare for the weather changes ahead. Consider a system like the Nest Learning Thermostat, which helps you save energy by programming itself!
• Adjust to an empty house – with children in school, it might make sense to turn off your air-conditioning unit throughout the day if no one is home.

Outdoor Maintenance
• Trim any trees, brush or leaves that obstruct your HVAC system to prevent future problems with the unit. These obstructing items can also be a fire hazard.

Indoor Maintenance
• Clean or change your air filters as necessary. A dirty filter can damage your unit and reduce efficiency.

Professional Maintenance

• Set up an appointment for seasonal maintenance. A professional air conditioning contractor should inspect your unit to ensure it is free from leaks and running smoothly.

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