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Fun Summer Ideas to Prevent Wasting Water

The summer has finally arrived and your children are eager to play outside, but there are some things that should be avoided at all costs to make sure you are not wasting water during the season.

Avoid using water balloons. Although this may seem like a bummer for the kids at first, there are other options that preserve the water and help to not be so wasteful. Try using sponges instead, this way it can be reused and not be gone after one use.

Make sure the sprinkler isn’t running all throughout the day. Instead of having the sprinkler on for hours at a time, only keep it on in short bursts. This saves you from wasting the water when it is not in use.

Cover your pool. If you do have a backyard pool, make sure that the water stays in the pool and doesn’t evaporate. Cover your pool when you are not using it.

Do your backyard chores while also playing with the kids. If you need to water your plants, bring the kids out to also play outside with the hose. This will save water in the long-run by reducing your uses to only one.

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