Furnace Safety Tips for the Winter Season

In the midst of the cold winter months, our furnaces do an excellent job of keeping us warm and cozy. However, just like any appliance, there are some safety precautions that should be followed to avoid a hazardous situation or a costly repair.

1. Schedule an annual check-up. An annual inspection by a trusted professional can identify potential problems that can then be resolved instead of escalating to an emergency repair. You will have peace of mind knowing that your system is operating at its best and free of any safety hazards.

2. Change your air filter. Allergens like dust and dander can lie in air ducts. Air filters, which act as the first line of defense against these impurities, should be cleaned or replaced as often as once a month to ensure your system is functioning at its best. A clean air filter will block harmful particles from circulating in your home and creating a health risk for you and your family.

3. Keep the area that surrounds your furnace clean and clear. While you should always avoid storing any items within close proximity of your furnace, you should especially avoid placing any flammable products or materials in this area. Keeping the area around your system clear will minimize the chance of a fire.

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