Nebrasky Supports Local Boy Scouts

Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has once again sponsored the training of Boy Scout Troop #540 to earn their Plumbing Merit Badge.  Over several weeks the boys learned how to cut and thread pipes, fix faucets, solder copper tubing and how to identify plumber’s tools and common plumbing items.  As a bonus this year, the scouts had fun and made marshmallow shooters out of PVC pipe pieces as their final project.


Paul Nebrasky provided the Merit Badge workbooks and all of the required tools and materials for the scouts to use.  This Merit Badge requires hands-on activity, and while they started the sessions as part of their regular meetings, after two classes they moved to the Nebrasky Plumbing office on route 17M. The location change allowed for more in-depth demonstrations and workshops, and interaction with guest plumber Domenic Lepera.


All participants passed their course and are now proud owners of the Plumbing Merit Badge. They may even be the next generation of plumbers!