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Oil to Natural Gas or Propane Conversions: Is It Worth it to Convert?

Natural gas, propane and oil prices change in price year after year, and many people wonder if an oil to natural gas or propane conversion for their HVAC system makes financial sense. Converting your furnace and water heater to natural gas or propane is definitely a wise decision and will ultimately pay for itself in utility cost savings.

Natural gas furnaces cost approximately the same as oil furnaces. According to the Wall Street Journal and based on an area average price of oil and natural gas, for every gallon of oil at approximately $4.00 a gallon, the cost of the cubic feet equivalent of natural gas would be approximately $2.38 (prices are all estimated amounts used for example only) – which is about 40% less to provide the same amount of heat. There are also many rebates available from the natural gas companies for converting to a high-efficiency gas furnace, but not for propane. Call Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to get an estimate of the best system to meet your usage and comfort needs. You should easily save the entire cost of the system within a few years.

At Nebrasky, we can help you apply for the proper incentives or rebate programs available in your area when you make the switch from oil to gas. For example, Orange and Rockland is currently offering a $500 rebate if you convert your heating system from oil to gas.

There are many environmental advantages to switching as well. Natural gas and propane are clean burning fuels. They produce less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases and do not produce soot or fumes.

Contact us today and speak with a specialist about converting, and find out how much you might be able to save.