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Plumbing in Perspective

Every day we wake up, run faucets, flush toilets and take showers like it’s no big deal. It’s difficult to imagine anyone living without running water today. However, according to the most recent American Community Survey, there are over 630,000 occupied homes nationwide without indoor plumbing.

Considering the Census average of 2.6 people per household, this adds up to more than 1.6 million Americans living without complete indoor plumbing facilities.


Locally, there are more than 4,000 individuals in Orange, Dutchess, and Rockland counties alone who are living without this basic household function.

It’s easy to take luxuries such as indoor plumbing for granted. At Nebrasky, we understand the value these functions bring to your home, and have a team of certified technicians available 24/7 to repair and maintain all your plumbing, heating, cooling and home energy assessment needs. Visit to learn more about the services we offer!