Prep Your Home for a Winter Vacation

With chilly temperatures throughout the region, many people make plans to escape and find warmer weather. Whether your big trip is in a few weeks or a few months, make sure you plan ahead to prevent a plumbing or HVAC emergency while you’re away. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing vacation to a stressful situation.

• Avoid coming home to an expensive electric bill by setting your water heater on “vacation” mode while you are away. If your system does not have a “low” or “vacation” mode setting, it is good idea to turn down or completely turn off your water heater until you return.
• Avoid collecting harmful bacteria in toilets by pouring half a cup of chlorine into the bowl. If taking an extended vacation, have a friend or neighbor stop by periodically to flush toilets while you are away.
• Turn off water valves to the dishwasher, washing machines and sinks to avoid the possibility of a leak or appliance breakdown.

• Set your thermostat to a temperature close to the typical outdoor temperature while you are away to save money and energy. However, if pets and plants will be occupying your home, consider this in your planning for their protection.
• Don’t come home to a freezing house in the event of a winter storm. An automatic standby whole-house generator will keep power flowing to your furnace, refrigerator and more in the event of a power outage while you are away.

If you do return to an emergency situation, Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is available 24/7 for any of your plumbing, heating or cooling needs. Call us at 800-796-6853.