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An Unlikely Culprit May Be Clogging Your Drains this Halloween

Nebrasky unveils relationship between pumpkins and drainage problems:

If you’re experiencing unusual plumbing problems this fall, rest assured that your pipes are not, in fact, haunted by evil spirits. It is, however, more likely that you took the pulp from your vampire-carved pumpkin and put it down the garbage disposal. Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling warns Halloween enthusiasts of all sorts to take heed when disposing of pumpkin guts this October.

“Millions of pounds of pulp will go down the drains this Halloween season,” said Paul Nebrasky, President of Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. “It may seem far fetched, but our technicians remove pumpkin pulp from countless homes this time each year.”

Many horrified homeowners call regarding clogged sinks, garbage disposals, and even toilets because they didn’t dispose of their pumpkin guts properly. Here are some easy steps to follow to avoid the same blunder this Halloween:

  • Never throw pumpkin pieces or pulp into any pipe in your home. Pulp quickly dries and becomes sticky, which blocks or backs up almost any pipe it comes into contact with.
  • Always lay down newspaper before carving a pumpkin. This makes for an easy clean up when you’re finished—just toss the pulp and seeds right into the garbage.
  • Consider alternative uses for your leftover pumpkin after the carving process is over. Toast the seeds for a yummy treat, or create a compost pile with the pulp.

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