With the fall season among us, the time has come to prepare your home for the winter ahead. While for some homeowners this means simply switching the thermostat from “cool” to “heat”, performing a few simple tasks will save you both energy and dollars. Additionally, taking the extra steps to ensure your A/C unit is shut-down properly will keep your system in top shape for when the warmer weather returns.

• If you use a window unit, be sure to remove the unit and store it in a clean, dry location to keep the system safe. To avoid inviting cool drafts into your home, seal up your window frames.

• If your home is equipped with central air, be sure to power down the system. While cold weather will not directly damage your outdoor unit, be sure to cover the unit to protect it from branches, dirt and debris.

• Drain any hoses and air conditioner pipes; if your unit has a water shutoff valve, turn it off. Be sure you do not have any excess water pooled within the equipment.

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