Save Hundreds on Your Energy Bills Each Year!

Are your oil, gas and electric bills too high? Do you constantly find yourself at war with the thermostat? Are some of your rooms too drafty, while other rooms feel too stuffy?

Most New Yorkers qualify for a free or reduced-cost comprehensive home energy assessment. The assessment will tell you how you can make your home more comfortable year-round AND save on energy costs by taking advantage of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. Click here to find out how to participate.

Following a home energy assessment, you can make energy efficient improvements to your home and enjoy many benefits, including significantly reduced home energy bills, increased health and safety, fewer drafts, consistent temperatures throughout rooms, increased ventilation, humidity control and more.

Click here to watch our video about home energy assessments. Click here to learn more about home energy assessments and the Home Performance with Energy Star® program.