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Saving Energy this Holiday Season

While decking the halls and spending time with family, it’s hard to remember that all those extra lights and heating use up energy and cost you money. Here are some ways to cut your energy use this holiday season:

  • Use LED lights on a timer: The holiday season calls for strings of festive lights. LED lights can use up to 80% less energy and last for up to 20% longer than traditional lights. Furthermore, putting your LED lights on a timer will allow you to save energy without even thinking about it.
  • Turn down the heat when you have guests: The more people in your home, the more body heat is being produced. The decrease in temperature in your home will be offset by your guests.
  • Use your oven light: When checking your food, utilize the oven light as opposed to opening the oven door. Every time you open the door, you are delaying the finish of your food; wasting more energy and time.
  • Light candles: Candles are a simple and decorative way to brighten and warm your home, while also decorating!
  • Check your home for drafts: Take some time this holiday season to check your home’s doors and windows for unwanted airflow. This draft could cause uncomfortable temperatures and increased use of heating.

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