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Fun Summer Ideas to Prevent Wasting Water

The summer has finally arrived and your children are eager to play outside, but there are some things that should be avoided at all costs to make sure you are not wasting water during the season. Avoid using water balloons. Although this may seem like a bummer for the kids at first, there are other options … Continue reading

Air Purifiers: A Breath of Fresh Air

An air purifier is a machine that uses internal fans to pull your home’s air through filters. These filters remove harmful particles and bacteria, giving you cleaner, fresher air. These are particularly helpful for those with allergies or asthma but truly can benefit all people. If you’re unsure of whether or not you want to … Continue reading

Energy Use At The Tips Of Your Fingers

These days, it seems like the world is at your fingertips and control over your energy usage isn’t any different. Whether you’re an Android, Apple, or Windows user there’s an application out there for you to keep track of how much energy you’re using in your household. Keeping track of this will save you time … Continue reading

Hard and Soft Water: How Can You Tell the Difference and More

Ever experience that gunky build up on your faucets and shower heads? That could be caused by what is known as hard water. As hard water is not bad, it’s not necessarily good to have. Hard water is high in minerals. This is because as the water flows through the ground it picks up calcium … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Furnaces?

Depending on your geographic location, the age of your furnace, and your ability to withstand the cold you have two options: a single-stage or a two-stage furnace. The main difference between these two furnace options is flexibility; a single-stage furnace is either off or on high, whereas a two-stage furnace can be on low, high, … Continue reading

Preparing for Cold Weather

With fall and winter just around the corner, you will want to prep your house. Small things like old air filters and minor air leaks can compromise the comfort of your home. Check out these easy ways to ensure that the warm air stays in and the cold air stays out: Check air filters: Air … Continue reading

Giving Your HVAC a Break

HVAC systems are always working hard, so they need to be well maintained and eventually replaced. How do you know when it’s time to replace your HVAC unit? Here are some certain ways to know. An HVAC system can last for up to 15 years with no issues. However, once your system has exceeded its … Continue reading

Three Easy (and Cost-effective!) Ways to Go Green at Home

Want to make the world a better place and enjoy monthly savings? Implementing green practices at home can help improve the environment, which in turn will enhance your quality of life and reduce energy consumption. The best part? The following green initiatives are both simple and inexpensive: 1. Conduct a Home Energy Assessment – Did … Continue reading


Have you been noticing a drafty breeze in your home lately? With cooling temperatures throughout the Hudson Valley, you’ll want to ensure that your home is in top shape for heating season. Autumn is an ideal time to caulk your windows to prepare for the winter ahead, as caulk adheres best to warmer temperatures (above … Continue reading


With the fall season among us, the time has come to prepare your home for the winter ahead. While for some homeowners this means simply switching the thermostat from “cool” to “heat”, performing a few simple tasks will save you both energy and dollars. Additionally, taking the extra steps to ensure your A/C unit is … Continue reading