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Take Care of Your HVAC While on Vacation

Much like you’d never forget your sunglasses on vacation, don’t forget about prepping your HVAC system before you leave. Your HVAC system is always running so when you’re away from home, make sure you prepare in advance! Here are some easy ways to help out your HVAC while you’re away:

Raise the Thermostat: When you leave your house for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to raise the temperature on your thermostat to around 80-85 degrees. This will save you money and energy while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature for your return.

Replace the Filter: Starting out with a clean air filter will prevent any malfunctions and assure full functionality of your system in your absence.

Use a Surge Protector: In case there is a power shortage at your home while you’re away, it’s a good idea to guard your system with a surge protector.

Maintain Regularly: The easiest way to prevent any issue while you’re on vacation is to keep your HVAC in check year-round. Having a trained professional look at your unit often is the number one way to avoid problems.

We want you to relax on your vacation and not worry about how your HVAC system is running. Give Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling a call at 800.989.0299 to check your unit before your next getaway!