Think Before You Flush: What NOT to Flush Down a Toilet

Every so often, Nebrasky Plumbing Heating & Cooling receives a call to unclog a toilet. About 15 years ago, we received a call from a restaurant, formerly known as Weepin’ Willoby’s. I’ve encountered some pretty strange items clogging drains and toilets, including beer bottles, food remnants and even underwear! As I made my way to Weepin’ Willoby’s, I could not help but wonder what was jamming their toilet enough to make a service call. When I arrived, I was greeted by tacky décor, a large fish tank and lottery games on TV. The lack of patrons was telling, and the quiet let my imagination run wild.  The possibilities flashed through my head, but what I would find in that toilet is something that I never would have guessed. Shock and confusion overtook me as a large, slimy, flopping creature came into view. Chills rolled up my spine as I discovered the culprit: a CATFISH!

After much personal struggle, I removed the fish and the toilet was back in working order, but something this strange requires an investigation. The wait staff informed me that when an oversized fish died in the fish tank, they thought a flush would be the best way to dispose of it. Flushing of small goldfish is commonplace, but a large, fresh water fish!? The chef would have been better off serving the fish as a dinner special (just kidding- gross). Needless to say, that moment ignited my love for fishing, I have been hooked ever since (again, kidding).

Please refrain from putting objects – fish and otherwise – that don’t belong in your toilet. Misuse of your flusher will only cause a clog and will give your plumber a devastating scare!