Why Your Feedback Matters

At Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we strive to exceed customer expectations daily.  We offer a promise of quality work and tailor our services for each client. In order to provide exceptional customer service, we rely on comments from our customers to tell us what we are doing correctly and where we need to improve.

After any service is provided, we ask our customers to fill out a short online survey at to review their experience. This feedback is used to better our performance and practices; it tells us how to keep our customers happy. The opinions and experiences of the people we service are invaluable to us.

Once the questionnaire is complete, it is reviewed by the Nebrasky staff. We love to hear positive reviews, but negative reviews can be more constructive. The surveys provide a look into the eye of the consumer and any feedback directly effects how services will be evaluated. If any individual has a specific issue, we address the problem and follow up to see if our solution was an effective one.

Nebrasky is in the business of making homeowners comfortable in their own homes and we want them to be confident in our abilities. In order to maintain that confidence, we take the time to personally address each customer’s concerns, questions or comments. Exceptional service is our promise, and we take every measure to ensure it.

Communication with our clients is a necessity. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any comments, suggestions or questions. Hearing from you keeps us informed and allows us to pinpoint problems and solve them. We aim to exceed your expectations and be sure you are satisfied with the work you had done. We want all of our customers to be repeat customers.