Winter Weather Tips for Your Home

When facing a severe winter cold snap, there are several tips to help protect your home from the harmful effects of frozen pipes.

If You are Vacationing this Winter

If you are going on vacation this winter it is important to leave the heat on in your home. Heat levels should remain at 60 degrees or higher. Keeping the heat on will help avoid an ice burst, which can freeze pipes, break heat lines, water lines and boilers, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Even with the heat on, pipes can still freeze. If possible, while you’re away, have someone check your home periodically to ensure that the heat is on. If that is not an option, there are technological alternatives. Honeywell produces the Winter Watchman, which plugs into a lamp and when temperatures decrease past a certain level, the product lights the lamp signaling the home needs attention. The lamp can alert a neighbor who is keeping an eye on the house.  Another option is the Nest thermostat, which allows individuals to monitor temperatures via a smartphone or tablet. Taking precautions can help you avoid a large expense and an even larger headache.

If Your Pipes Freeze-

Most people do not know where the shut off is located for their main water source or their hot water heater. The main water source shut off is usually a lever or round handle located by your water meter or well tank. If you only need to turn off the water heater, the valve is typically located right above your water heater. When temperatures reach extreme cold, we receive countless calls for broken water pipes. If your pipes burst, it is important to know how to stop the water from flowing to prevent flooding. If you don’t to know to locate the valve or shut off your water, please give us a call and we will come over and tag it for you, FREE of charge.

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